Big Norfolk Skies

About 3 months ago I deleted my old website when we entered lockdown with the view of building it from the ground up. I finally got around to doing it last night, well I didn’t want to rush into things 🙂

In those 3 months I now have a new camera and I’m slowly getting to grips with it. Buying a new camera and lenses when you’re in lockdown isn’t the smartest thing to do because you can’t leave the house to test things out.

The Sony a7r III has lots of bells and whistles but the main deciding factors for me were that it’s full frame, mirrorless and has a large sensor which will give me the option of printing bigger prints than before.

A Sony 200-600mm lens has been added to my system so I can hopefully catch some of the wildlife I see when I’m out and about. In the past I have seen all sorts but never had a decent lens to be able to capture the moment.

Although the lockdown has been partially lifted, I have and will continue to stay close to home for the time being, the time doesn’t feel right to me to be travelling many miles just to take a photograph. Luckily there are plenty of fantastic destinations on my doorstep with many miles of The Broads and Coastline available. We have many hectares of woodland and you can’t forget those big Norfolk skies which may well be filled with thunderstorms towards the weekend.

So back to the website, for the time being I will not be selling prints. We need to get back home first and I need a new computer with a calibrated monitor before I’ll feel comfortable selling prints again. This is likely to not be until October but we are now making progress with the house re-build.

I will continue to update this site in the mean time though.

Until next time

#staysafe and #stayhappy

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