A Doggy Family Fiesta Through the Lens: Paws, Shutter, Action
Paws, Shutter, Action: A Doggy Family Fiesta Through the Lens

A Doggy Family Fiesta Through the Lens: Paws, Shutter, Action

Buckle up for a doggy family fiesta through the lens, fellow shutterbugs, as I recount my recent escapade into the canine world at a local doggy meet-up. When my daughter invited me to capture the joyous chaos of a doggy family get-together, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to immerse myself in a sea of wagging tails and furry smiles.

Two of the invited canines happened to be our very own four-legged family members – Finley and Remi, the dynamic duo owned by my daughter Lucy and her fiancé Charlie. Excitement was palpable as soon as the word “harness” was uttered; a universal canine trigger or merely a Spaniel thing? Regardless, I was armed with my camera gear and a plan: action shots with the Sony 200-600 followed by charming portraits with the Sigma 24-70 ART.

Sony 200-600 f5.6-f6/3 Sigma 24-70 f2.8 DG DN Art
A Doggy Family Fiesta Through the Lens

The Action Unleashed: Chasing Tails with Sony 200-600

As soon as the canine party kicked off, it became evident that convincing this spirited pack to pause for portraits would be no small feat. Action shots, on the other hand, flowed effortlessly. However, my middle-aged knees were feeling the strain of constant kneeling, making getting back up a spectacle for onlookers. Shooting at their eye level brought a sense of speed to the images, with the trusty tennis ball playing a pivotal role in directing their attention.

Equipment and Settings:

  • Sony a7riii with Sony 200-600 lens
  • Shooting at eye level for a dynamic perspective
  • Good ol’ tennis ball for attention direction

Cupcakes and Canines: A Portrait Dilemma Solved

Attempting portraits proved challenging with the restless pups. A rustic shed door provided a picturesque backdrop, but persuading them to stand still for a fast shutter speed shot was futile. The solution? Dog-friendly cupcakes, strategically positioned to capture their undivided attention, resulting in playful and adorable portraits.

Equipment and Settings:

  • Sony a7riii with Sigma 24-70 ART lens
  • Fast shutter speed for playful moments
  • Tempting dog-friendly cupcakes for focus

The ‘Stay’ Struggle: Triumph with a Tripod

Family portraits with enthusiastic dogs can be a comedy of errors. Despite well-intentioned commands of ‘stay’ and ‘sit,’ the chaos ensued. Enter the tripod, offering stability for a group shot, albeit not without its challenges. A perfectly timed blend in Photoshop, a solo shot of the rebellious Lilly, and voila! A harmonious family portrait emerged, showcasing the pack dynamics.

Equipment and Settings:

  • Sony a7riii on a tripod
  • Timed blend in Photoshop for group harmony
  • Individual shots for rebellious participants
A family of Spaniels posing for the camera A Doggy Family Fiesta Through the Lens
Smile, I would say Cheese but you ate it all

Conclusion: Life’s Lessons Through a Lens

In the world of canine photography and a doggy family fiesta through the lens, flexibility is key. Expect the unexpected, adapt to the whims of your furry subjects, and seize every moment. Life, much like a doggy meet-up photoshoot, doesn’t always go according to plan. However, it’s in these spontaneous moments, captured through the lens, that true magic is found.

Lessons Learned:

  • Life doesn’t always go as planned.
  • Embrace the unexpected and make the most of what you’re given.

For the full series and more paw-some adventures, Click Here. Join me as we navigate the whimsical world of doggy photography, where every click is a step closer to unlocking the secrets of canine joy!

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